Another month has passed and blessed us with some awesome new music! This time my list is a bit bigger and a bit less mainstream because I had the time to actually sit down and scroll through more music than I did last month! The list goes from newer to older releases. Hope you’ll enjoy!

01. Red Velvet – Would You

As a part of the SM Station project, Red Velvet graced us with their Velvet side and a beautiful track worthy of all praise. The music video is also very enjoyable, especially if you appreciate Irene’s visuals.

02. Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours

After a two year long wait, the stunning ladies of Girl’s Day finally returned with a cool and jazzy track! I wasn’t their fan, though I did like some of their previous releases. However, this track blew me away as their vocals simply shined!

03. Seo In Guk – Better Together

Before going to the millitary, In Guk gifted his fans with a single album. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of his, so it’s no wonder his goodbye track found its way to my list. Better Together has a follow up track called Mint Chocolatewhich unfortionately didn’t get its own MV.

04. X. Q – Long Time

I’ll admit, I’ve never heard of this artist before. I just randomly clicked on an MV in my recommended YouTube tab. I definitely don’t regret it, though. If you like Dean, you’ll like this, too.

05. Monsta X – Beautiful

I don’t think I have to explain what Monsta X is doing here. Bringing awesomeness to K-pop since Trespass, they’ve earned a special spot in my heart. Keep being beautiful, yo.

06. Highlight – Plz Don’t Be Sad

The wait payed off. It REALLY paid off. Formerly known as Beast, Highlight has brought some light into our lives with their awesome comeback! If you’ve seen my album review, you really won’t be surprised why this song is one of my favs this month.

07. Mad Clown – Love Is A Dog From Hell

This song will is definitely an interesting piece, as it will leave you wondering what it’s actually about. Some people connect the MV to The Danish Girl, some think it’s about an abusive relationship, while others think it talks about how you start becoming the person you’re with. In any case, give it a listen and share your interpretation!

08. DPR LIVE – Right Here Right Now

I was surprised at how many famous artists DPR Live has managed to collab with, considering how Right Here Right Now is a song from his first official album. Seriously, from Jay Park to Dean, you’ll find some high end artists on this guy’s album. Still, his music is pretty dope, so check him out when you get the chance.

09. MVP – Take It

One of the rookies I have high hopes for, MVP has won me over with Take It. Although the rest of their album was pretty good, this track was totally my style. If you’re interested, you can check out my review for their debut album here.

10. GOT7 – Never Ever

Although I think GOT7 has some better tracks, this one is definitely far from bad! It seems like JYP listened to their fans diligently, as this comeback was one of the most successful ones for GOT7! Keep it up, guys!

11. Cherry Coke – Like I Do

Being one of my random finds, this track won me over with it’s weird MV and singer’s interesting voice! Make sure to check out Cherry Coke’s soundcloud for some more of her lovely voice!

12. Stella Jang – Colors

I don’t know why, but after the first listen I couldn’t get the lyrics out of my head. I have been singing ‘What’s your colour, I wanna know’ for more than a week now. The song and the MV are lovingly quirky, and if you like simplicity you should definitely check it out.

13. Victon – EYEZ EYEZ 

This is just awesome. For another set of rookies (which had their second comeback with EYEZ EYEZ) I was quite surprised at the quality of their album, which of course, I reviewed.

14. Joohee – She’s Mine

Joohee, former member of the disbanded group 8Eight (which was actually under Big Hit Entertainment) made a comeback which was pretty awesome, if you ask me. What drew me was her voice which was more than interesting!

Well lovelies, that was if for me this month! If you like my favourites, you can check the whole playlist out on Youtube and save it up if you want to! I’ll be making playlists like these every month, so you can subscribe to me as well!

What were some of your favourite songs this month? Send them in, I’m always looking for new music!