Coming a little late to the party, I’ve actually decided to wait with the review for this album until pop!gasa translated the whole thing. I figured you guys would rather like it if I actually gave you some real lyrics instead of my crappy assumptions (like I tried doing for Victon’s album and failed miserably). So, here I am, a bit late but hopefully fast enough for you guys to enjoy it!

MVP is a rookie group under PH Entertainment who had their debut with the album Manifest on March 13th. They dropped a dance MV for their intro and a dope MV for their title track Take It. Now, let’s “take it” to another level and see what these rookies are about!

01. Manifest
For an intro track, this is really bop. I can’t say much more than that though, as you can’t hear a single vocal. But, the song was probably produced just for the purpose of the fine intro dance, which you can check out below.

02. Take It
It is hard to make a review of something you really, really like. Seriously, the vocals are good, the rappers are on point, and the melody and rhythm are great! It’s upbeat and definitely makes you want to move your body to it. I find this as a prefect track to exercise to, if you can’t dance and need to lose a few pounds (like me *cough*). I can definitely see why netizens have high hopes for them. When it comes to the lyrics, their cockyness matches the vibe of the song. They’re about a guy who wants a girl to choose him, because he’s better than all the other guys.

An impossible goddess
That’s you
Even when you just drink water
It looks like a scene in a movie
You’re pretty, I know
I will have you
Next to the special you will be the special me (source)

03. Don’t Cry
I am feeling this track a little less than the previous one. It’s a nice slow pop track, with the inevitable theme of love and suffering. ‘Cause what’s a K-pop album without that? It talks about trying to comfort your crush which is in an unhappy relationship, while still suffering for not having them for yourself. The track is simple, easy for the ears and relatable to all the broken hearted, friendzoned bros out there.

I told you, you’re better than him
All of your tears is on him
What use is it if I listen, if I smile?
You’re just gonna go back to the guy who makes you cry (source)

04. Hear Me Out
Hear me out here, I really tried to like it. I swear I did. But I really don’t dig the typical upbeat love songs that mostly recycle not only beats, but lyrics too. I do like the fact that the song breaks the rhythm on the 2:13 mark which was by far my favourite part of the song. I wish the whole song was made in that style. The vocals were once again great, no complains there. I spotted a bit of Engrish, which was cute.

Hear me out, I’m going crazy
What I wanted to tell you
I didn’t even say half of it
I can’t be happy without you
Don’t say you don’t know (source)

05. Late Night Call
Make a love baby, let’s make a love… That’s the first thing the Engrish in this song reminds me of (sorry Highlight!). It’s definitely not bad, little bit of Engrish like that makes the song cuter and/or funnier, not in a disrespectful way. Hey, I still suck at English too, so it’s all good. Anyways, MVP funkies it up a bit in this track, while continuing with the love theme. The lyrics are about the anticipation of wanting to see your significant other and spending some time with them. I like the fact they didn’t stick with the typical love pop beats in this track, so that people like me, who don’t like typical love songs, can enjoy it as well.

Pick up the phone
Let’s talk just for one minute
I can’t wait anymore
If it’s not you, I can’t live
Wanna love like we did yesterday? (source)

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MVP is definitely one of the rookie groups I’ll keep my eye on. Although none of the tracks on the album were as bop as the title and intro one, I appreciate their talent and their singing and rapping abilities. Having role models like EXO and Shinwa, I am sure they’ll grow out into a well known and respected group. Manifest is definitely worth giving a listen to, especially if you like upbeat romantic songs. Or you can just jam to Take It, like I’ll be doing.

What do you think of their debut?

Get Manifest on iTunes, KPOPMARTYESASIA or check out the sample of the tracks below!