Highlight, formerly known as Beast, finally regrouped with five of the original members and made a comeback! To the delight of all fans, they dropped two music videos and an album consisting of six tracks, one of which is an instrumental. Let’s see what they’ve prepared for us!

01. Plz Don’t Be Sad
I feel like this song is just one of the many dedicated to Highlight’s loyal fans. The lyrics are simply beautiful and show how Highlight wants to protect the ones they care for and how they want to see them happy. The track is catchy and well produced, as it isn’t all over the place and the melody has a logical, but mesmerizing flow. It’s not too overwhelming nor too distracting from the vocals, which work very well with the whole melody.

Even if everyone leaves, I only need you
I want you to be happy as you’re with me
If I can protect you, nothing’s a waste
Even my own world (source)

02. It’s Still Beautiful
This beautiful piano track starts with Junhyung singing, which is, for a rapper, not all that bad. Not a perfect 10, but not a bust, either. The track is simple, but very emotional, which can be heard in all of the vocals. The only complaint I have is that Gikwang’s voice is a tad too much for me. When it comes to the theme of the track, it seems to be about losing someone you care about and feeling broken, yet appreciating the beauty of the memories shared with the person and holding them dear to your heart.

In all the places
You are gone
But even this empty spot
Because it was you
It’s beautiful as it is (source)

03. The Beginning
The Beginning basically talks about the worries a person has at the end of a relationship or a strong friendship, while still longing for the person, not wanting to replace them. The soothing melody is a good combination of slow pop and R&B and it’s very pleasant for the ears. The vocals did a great job, even Junhyung, who sounded on point. Overall, another emotional and wonderful piece.

The damage is too big
To make you into just another episode
So I Can’t Forget
About Your Everything
Everything was fit to you
So if I try to bury my memories
I have to dig deeper in my heart
But will I be able to cover that pain? (source)

04. Dangerous
Oh man, this track. It’s another musically simple piece which incorporates with the rest of the album well. But, the soft vocals which at some parts feel more like whispers to a lover, will make your heart race. At least it made mine. Especially after listening to it with the lyrics. It’s  about meeting the woman of your dreams and wanting to know her completely, on all levels, mentally and physically. This track might not sound like anything special at first listen, but if you groove yourself into it, you will probably fall for it. It’s definitely a piece where the vocals bring the whole track to a totally new level.

Am I right?
Can’t I know you more?
You keep driving me crazy
I can’t take it anymore
Am I allowed to do this?
Have I fallen for you?
I can’t handle it (source)

05 Can You Feel It?
Can You Feel It reminds me a lot of Highlight’s older days, where they had tons of electro beats in their songs. I have a bit of a divided opinion of this track, though. On one hand, they always rocked that song style, but on the other hand I feel like it’s a bit too overwhelming, especially considering the previous track which was very soft. It’s still a good listen though, definitely dance worthy. The lyrics are obviously meant for their fans, as they talk about their past worries and proclaim that they’ll never leave their fans alone again.

Everyone’s eyes are filled with doubt
Actually, I was afraid of everything
I thought we’d never see each other again
But I’m with you now
I don’t want anything else (source)

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Can you feel it? is a really wonderful album, which left me more than satisfied. It’s obvious that there was a lot of effort put into it, as the tracks are well produced and the lyrics well written. I didn’t find it too mainstream nor generic, as every track has something that makes it special for the listener. I would arrange the tracks a bit differently though, going from fast and upbeat to slower and soothing ones. Despite a few complaints, this must be my favourite reviewed album so far. I must admit, it was hard for me to pick a favourite track, since I liked every one of them in one way or the other. After the second listen, I’ve realised my heart lies with Plz Don’t Be Sad and Dangerous the most.

Which track is your favourite? Are you digging Highlight’s “debut”?

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