LOOΠΔ is a pre-debut girl group under Blockberry Creative. They’re a very unique group, as Blockberry introduces a new member every month, usually with a track or two produced just for them. This Monday, four of the five girls shown made their debut as LOONA 1/3 and they’ve graced us with a mini album!

01. Into the New Heart
The intro track features some amazing riffs made by TRAX’s Kim Jungmo, which combine with other beats really well. On its own, the track is really good, but it seems completely out of place on the album. The biggest downside is that you almost can’t hear the girl’s voices.

02. Love & Live
This lovely track is musically quite simple, although the melody isn’t as pleasing for the ears during the chorus, at least if you listen to it on the earphones. That could be just me not used to the songs of that concept, though. The vocals are distinctive, none of them are lacking, and they work very well together. The lyrics talk about a girl that fell in love and is anxious to be held and cherished by her love interest. I found this song endearing and lovers of cute concepts will surely enjoy it.

I miss you right now
I wanna see you right this moment
Rather than my typical dreams
I wanna be held in your arms
And tell you I like you a lot (source)

03. You and Me Together
“You and Me Together” is another sweet song talking about falling in love and wanting to be with the person you like. However, it could have been done in a better way. At times it felt like the melody was overpowering the vocals and was too distracting, mostly in the chorus. At some parts I found it good, even moved my body to it a little and found myself singing along to the “you and me together” part.

You and my First kiss
When warmth warms in my heart
The whole world is full of pink.
I love you baby (source)

04. Fairy Tale
“Fairy Tale” slows things down and finally gives some real exposure to the girls’ voices. Giving a nice ballady vibe, the girls sing about their crush which makes them feel something they’ve never felt before. The melody is simple and pleasant, perfect for daydreaming.

Only u can make me feel this way baby
[What I want to say to you]
Do not ever let me go (source)

05. Valentine Girl
An adorable track about a girl waiting anxiously for her gift on White day. “Valentine Girl” has endearing vocals and a cute melody. The rhythm is more on the upbeat side, but it slows down at a couple occasions. I don’t have much to say about it though, as it’s well produced and nothing seems out of place.

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“Love & Live” has the kind of sound I’d expect from a girl group with a cute concept. The only surprise was the intro track, which I loved almost as much as I loved “Fairy Tale”. Sadly, the melodies sometimes seem a bit too generic and unoriginal. For the next third I’d definitely hire a different composer, because I’m sure the rest of the group will have as amazing voices as the first four girls. They really deserve to have killer tracks! Well, cutesy killer, considering their concept. Their vocals are interesting and distinctive, their visuals are gorgeous, and the girls seem super cute. I can’t wait what to see what the next four girls will bring us!

Which girl is your favorite so far? I must admit, HaSeul caught my eyes ever since I saw her teaser images!