I’ve only heard of Victon a few weeks ago, and when I found out they had a new mini album out, I’ve decided to check them out. So, here we are! They’re a group under Plan A Entertainment and they debuted only last year in November with a single album “Voice To New World” (source). Now, let’s dig into their album and see what they’re made of!

It really reminds me of that music you’d hear while playing on flipper and arcade machines. It’s not a bad thing though, as the retro beats are well composed and incorporated with the rest of the modern ones. It’s easy to listen to, and the vocals largely help in that aspect, as they are appealing for the ears and they sound good together. The rap sounds good and suits the song, but one rapper has a bit of an annoying voice for my taste. The track is about a guy being in a relationship with a girl that doesn’t seem to be interested in him, and it bothers him a lot since he likes her.

Woo, we haven’t seen each other in a while
I was really upset
If you were a little more late
I would’ve had a killer grudge bebe
Woo, you’re only looking at your phone again
That’s no no (source)

02. In The Air
Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, I couldn’t find translations for three of the songs on the album. So, I’ll take a stab at it and try to guess what they’re about. This song starts out like a typical American club jam, and it stays that way until one point where it grooves down, which was my favourite part of the song. By the little parts of the lyrics I could understand, it seems to be about being in the club, seeing a beautiful girl and wanting to make her yours? Or it could just be about dancing like you don’t care. Or both. Don’t take my word for it. For the vocals and rappers, I feel like the previous song suited them much better because it portrayed their abilities in a more effective manner. There are some awesome higher notes in here, though.

Twenty four seven
three sixty five
We livin one life
and one try (source)

03. Blank
The rap is much more pleasing for my ears than in previous tracks because the rapper that annoyed me lowers his pitch at little, and I appreciate that a lot! The vocals are, again, really good and sound great together. The song is sweet, and I think it talks about you being beautiful? It’s nicely composed, not too overwhelming, and gives the feel of those romantic upbeat songs you can’t help moving your body to. It does remind me of a few other songs, but it has its unique twist to it.

04. So Bad..
If the word bae could be erased from this world, I would gladly exterminate it. Ugh. Anyways, this track is a bit slower than the previous ones, but far from boring. I have to say though, it doesn’t have too much of a special spin to stand out from the rest of the songs in the album. Despite that, it’s worth a listen. If for nothing else, then for the vocals. It seems to me it might be about a guy messing something up and apologising to his girl. He keeps waiting for her to come back to him after he realised his bad ways. Don’t quote me on that.

Hey girl
What’s going on
what’s going on huh
You the one and only
Bae I’m sorry please (source)

05. Sunrise
This track was a pleasant surprise to me. The beginning sounded too generic, with the guitar riff that was too similar to too many songs, but then the track progressed into something much better and mesmerizing. The voices definitely bring the quality of the melody to a higher level. I’d even dare to say this track highlights their voices the best, even if it doesn’t appear too vocally challenging. Comparing the rap in previous tracks, it’s by far the best in this one. It wasn’t annoying and the pitch was pleasant. I think the lyrics are about a couple that have hit some difficulty in their relationship, so they’re remembering the good times while trying to move on and find something better with the day to come.

I will not miss it anymore
I need only good memories
There are difficult time[s] ahead
So today we’ll be brighter with the
Sunrise (source)

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The album was a good listen, all of the songs complimented each other in a way and there were no bad surprises. My favourites were “Sunrise” and “EYEZ EYEZ” as they both had something special that drew me in. The vocals do their job really well, which you can notice in the numerous high notes. The only thing I disliked was the voice of one of the rappers, which rapped in a bit of a higher pitch and kept pulling a HyunA on me. I enjoyed his rap when he lowered his tone a little. All in all, they’re a great group and I expect a bright future for them!