There were a lot of releases this month, so it was hard to pick favourites. But, I’ve finally managed to cut my list down to only 7 songs. Hope you’ll find something you like!

Code Kunst – Fire Water (ft. G.Soul, Tablo)

I’ve been following Code Kunst since the release of “Parachute”, and his music just keeps getting better and better!

BTS – Not Today

Being a long-time BTS fan, it was only natural I’d love their new stuff. But, although “Spring Day” was amazing, I enjoyed this track much more.

Red Velvet – Rookie

Red Velvet just sucked me into their music and I couldn’t escape. I tried to fight it, but I lost. No regrets here, though!

K.A.R.D – Don’t recall

They didn’t even officially debut and they’re already slaying my heart. If their predebut singles are this good, how good is their debut going to be?

CROSS GENE – Black or White

Underrated group by many aspects. Not a regular fan, but I definitely enjoyed this gore-y MV and cool track!

Subin (Dalshabet) – Strawberry

A totally random find! The simple melody and beautiful vocal definitely drew me in.

San E – Counselor

Usually quirky San E showed us a different side of him, and I loved it.

What were some of your favourite tracks released last month?