We’ve all met an Internet troll at least once in our lives. Let it be on social media or on a comment section of a news site, there is always that one person which deliberately offends and provokes others. Trolls have become one of the poisons of the Internet community and even K-pop didn’t manage to stay innocent from such nuisances.

From trashing a group/idol to impersonating to be a fan just to make the fandom look bad, trolls will do anything to cause a commotion. You might wonder why someone would invest their time into provoking others when they don’t seem to get anything from it. Ah, but the thing is, they do. Think about it, with every reply you or anyone else makes, does the troll stay silent? No, they become even more fired up and continue what they’re doing twice as hard. And they do it because they’re finally getting the attention they longed for.

As long as you give the time of your day to a troll, they will be happy and they’ll actually enjoy everything you throw at them, simply because you’ve noticed them. Of course, there are trolls with different agendas, but the most painful thing to them all is when someone blatantly ignores them. That shows their efforts of riling someone up were in vain.

When you spot a troll, the best way to react is to report the comment and move on. If you notice the troll is a regular, notify people with a comment that it’s a troll so they don’t fall for their trap, report, and again, move on. Don’t give them the attention they want. Don’t give them the satisfaction of you stressing over something they’ve said. And especially DON’T reply in a hateful manner, even if they insulted your most treasured bias.

When you say something like “kill yourself” and “I hope you die” or even worse, wish something bad to happen to their families, you’re not doing anything helpful. Instead, you’re lowering yourself to their level, which they enjoy even more. You also end up portraying yourself as a completely shitty person, and I guarantee your biases wouldn’t support you acting that way. The truth is, they would probably be disappointed.

Another reason why you shouldn’t respond hatefully is the fact that they’ll use it to fight you and rile you up even more. And the more riled up you get, the more content they are. It means they’ve won. Thus, more fan wars begin, more hate arises, and everyone ends up fighting instead of enjoying the music. Also, don’t try to reason with a troll. You will never manage to make them see that their ways are, well, dumb. They have a goal set in mind and they won’t budge from it.

Finally, you can’t stop trolls from existing. The only thing you can do is to not give them the satisfaction of wasting your time on them. Instead, enjoy the wonders of K-pop and stress over things that are worth stressing over. Like education. Because we all know our grades take a hit when our faves finally have a comeback.