Gu9udan recently returned with their second mini album “Act.2 Narcissus”. The group, under the wing of Jellyfish Entertainment, debuted last year with quite a cutesy concept. They’re currently rising in popularity, as their MV for the title track “A Girl Like Me” got two million views in less than a couple of days! With all the best wishes to the girls, let’s head on to the review of their new mini album!

01. Rainbow
Vibrant like the colours of the rainbow, this cute song will either melt your heart or make you depressed at how happy-go-lucky some people can be. From the beginning it throws positivity at you, telling you to love yourself and not let anything let you down. You make a mark in this world, why not make it colourful and bright as a rainbow? The vocals are good, a few of them are kind of distinctive. The rap is short and unnecessary. But, the song is still lovely and after a few listens you’ll be singing how so, so, so, so happy you are.

Don’t be surprised, who cares if I’m a bit different?
Even if I hate myself in the mirror
No one can replace me
I’m so so so so lucky (source)

02. A Girl Like Me
This song definitely has that title track glam. When I first heard it, I was surprised at how much I liked it. It’s about a girl that falls for a guy, but is being completely narcissistic about it. She keeps telling him to hurry up and take the chance of being with her, since he probably won’t get a better offer from anyone else. Poor guy. Or lucky, considering the girls are hella pretty. The upbeat track made me want to boogy to it, even though the melody felt a bit too overwhelming at some parts. The rap, even if it was only a few lines, felt much better than in Rainbow. The vocals are on point, I found one vocal to be a bit lacking, though.

It’s obvious you’ll regret if you lose me
So before you do that, have fun with me
It’ll be comfortable, I’ll make you my bias
Promise me right now, honey (source)

03. Hate You
Hate you, hate you, I must say I don’t hate you. This little piece composed by Ravi is pretty adorable, more consistent with the girls’ usual image. It switches from slower beats to faster ones and even breaks out into some sort of crazy balooza at one point, making the song an interesting listen, so to say. The track is basically about a girl being on a date with her boyfriend, but he looks bored and ignores her. Maybe he got a better offer after all? All jokes aside, the song is another lovely piece, and if you listen closely you can even hear Ravi going “hey” in the background. And, if you read through the lyrics, you can notice a bit of narcissism flowing in this track as well.

I can’t call this pushing and pulling
Cuz all you’re doing is pushing me away
I’m getting pushed, I’m about to fall off
I guess you forgot it all
About my overflowing charm (source)

04. One Step Closer
With this track the album steps away from the upbeat tunes and ventures into something more soothing. “One Step Closer” is a sweet song, by both its lyrics and melody. It’s about a couple walking down the street, holding hands, feeling excited over each other. Waiting to cross the distance standing between them so they could finally kiss. I guess the boyfriend came around and saw her overflowing charms in the end, eh? Unfortunately, the track doesn’t bring anything new to the table, as the melody is a bit too generic.

This trembling right now, we’re definitely feeling the same way
Even the sound of our footsteps resemble each other
This ambiguous distance between us
I wanna get closer to you (source)

05. Make A Wish
Make a wish is a soothing little piece which talks about a girl wishing nothing else for her birthday than for her love interest to be with her, more than just a friend. The track is a ballad followed by warm vocals, which all sound really lovely and I didn’t find any of them lacking, like I may have in a track or two before. But, again, it brings nothing new or overly interesting to the table as this kind of song has been heard too many times already. The thing I loved in this track were the lyrics, which are easily relatable and some verses were quite beautifully written.

I love you
Even when you liked another friend
If you open the door to my locked heart
Like the plant that sees sunlight
I would smile (source)

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Overall, the album was an enjoyable listen, it didn’t go too much into the cute concept like it did with the last comeback, so I personally found it more enjoyable. I liked all of the tracks in one way or the other, but my personal favourites were “Rainbow” and “A Girl Like Me”. I feel like the album might have been rushed a bit because the last two tracks, One Step Closer and Make A Wish, are too generic. The vocals are nice, some of them could use some more training, but they’re definitely far from bad. The rap needs more improvement, though.

All in all, Gu9udan is still a fresh group with nice vocals and sweet visuals. I believe their time to shine will come, probably sooner if they find a way to be more distinctive than other groups with similar concepts. People calling them a flop is completely unnecessary, as they still have time to find what suits them best and swoop the K-pop scene with their charms.