You find yourself in a need of a sexy song? You keep looking, but nothing really catches your ear? Well, look no further as your lovely author will throw her first music suggestion at you – Seo In Guk’s “BeBe”.

Seo In Guk is mostly known for his acting career, so a lot of people get surprised when they find out he can actually sing! His career started when he won the 2009 edition of the show Superstar K after which he had to deal with a lot of criticism for both his looks and weight. After beating the critics and losing a few kilograms, he had landed many acting roles as well as music releases, which were mostly OSTs for the dramas he played in. Today, I’ll introduce you to something that’s been out quite recently, and maybe it will leave you wanting for more.

The track got me excited as soon as it started, as it gave me a nice jazzy feel combined with R&B, which I adore. Needless to say, the rest of the song was really well done as it was nothing flashy, but still made you want to do body rolls to it. The jazziness is lost from the beginning onward though, as modern beats kick in, alternating from slower and sexier beats to more upbeat ones in the chorus.

The MV for “BeBe” was actually quite nice and I think it suited the track well. It was sexy, subtle, but showed the point of the song, which is basically “let’s get it on bebe”. And with In Guk, who can say no to that?

Now hop onto that YouTube link and listen to the song yourself! Hope you enjoy it!

(P.S. Who else is gonna miss him when he goes to the army? ;; )