Dear readers,

Thank you so much for taking you time to visit and read through my blog! As I am writing this, I have a few posts waiting to be published because I wanted to start off with more than one post. I sincerely hope you are going to enjoy my writing, quirkiness and most of all the themes and music I decide to cover in my posts.

The reason I’ve decided to make my own blog is quite simple. I love both writing and K-pop, so I’ve decided to mash those two things together. Hopefully, the combination won’t be disastrous!

I’ll write opinion pieces of trending events, do some music reviews and share some of my favourite songs as well. I apologise in advance though, as I am far from a music expert, so some of my reviews might be crappy. But, if you decide to give the music I reviewed a chance, I’ll consider my job well done!

I will try to upload at least once a week, but I won’t make any definite promises as I am a university student with a lot of things over my head. I’ll give it my best though!

Thank you for your support and thank you once more for reading through this long post!

Your weirdass introvert of an author,

P.S. If you ever want to get in touch with me or give me some topic suggestions, make sure to check out my contact page where you’ll find all the links and info you need.